We connect qualified business owners interested in selling with qualified investors interested in buying

Are you a business owner curious about selling your company?We help deliver the following outcomes:

Valuation...See what the market is paying for a company like yours.

Education...Make sure you understand what it takes, to sell your company, the right way.

Buyers...Connect with over 7k+ private equity groups, strategic corporations, high net worth individuals, etc. via our platform.

For Business Owners

Because Uniacquire is built around connecting qualified sellers and investors, you must go through our process to make sure you are eligible to use our platform.See below to get a better understanding of how our process works OR set up a call to learn more (& faster).

Top problems business sellers face

  • Valuation discrepancies

  • Finding qualified buyers

  • Complex process and negotiations

Valuation Discrepancies: Determining the right valuation for a business is challenging. Owners often have an emotional attachment and may perceive the value of their business to be higher than what the market is willing to pay.

Finding Qualified Buyers: Not every interested party is a qualified buyer. Sifting through potential buyers to find someone who has the financial capability and genuine intent can be time-consuming.

Complex Process & Negotiations: The process can be lengthy and intricate, involving various terms beyond just the sale price, such as employment contracts, lease agreements, and future liabilities.

How Uniacquire SOLVES those problems

  1. Perform a Valuation

  2. Educate you on the process

  3. Connect you w/ qualified buyers

We help make it so you can sell your business fast, for the highest price, and to the right buyer.As the saying goes, "time kills deals."

The Uniacquire Process

1. Valuation: Since your business must meet certain criteria to be listed on our platform (see below), we always perform a valuation report first.The valuation steps consist of:

  • Gathering relevant information

  • Perform a financial analysis

  • Consider intangible values

  • Assess market and industry factors

  • Compare precedent and relevant transactions

  • Finalize the valuation report for your business

  • Present valuation report to you

Next, if value is in line with what you want/need and your business meets the below criteria, we move onto educating you about the process and what to expect.Platform Requirements:

  • Growth potential

  • Scalable business model

  • Stable/growing financials

  • $2M+ in adjusted EBITDA

  • Seasoned management team

  • Low annual capital expenditures

  • Potential for operational improvements

  • Seller has realistic valuation expectations

  • Seller is interested in a minority/majority recap or a buyout

  • Seller has the ability to run the M&A process on their own (or must have representation)

2. Educating you on the M&A process: Since the M&A process can be lengthy and complex, we make sure you have the ability to handle it.If we believe you aren't a fit, we require you to hire a team/representative if you would still like to connect with investors on our platform, this way you don't waste your time or the investors time.Various areas we train you on:

  • Deal structures

  • Types of investors

  • Overall M&A process

  • Financial preparation

  • Working capital expectations

  • Indemnification expectations

  • Financial information needed

  • Creating marketing documents

  • Business operation preparation

  • Reps and warranty expectations

  • Business operational info needed

  • Who to let know what on the team

  • What emotional aspects you'll face

  • Remaining and keeping things confidential

  • And much more...

3. Connect you w/ Qualified Buyers: Since our platform consists of qualified and vetted private equity groups, family offices, strategic acquirers, high net worth individuals, etc. - once you're ready to go, we give you a list based on who is actually interested in your company.

Pricing and Next Steps

Pricing: Uniacquire is free if you meet the above Platform Criteria. The only cost is the time you invest to get there.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

Next Steps:

  • Connect with a Valuation Specialist to get introduced

  • Get started on the Valuation Step #1